Special Projects

Duckie Dong – April 2016
Immersed in the urban bushland of Manly Dam Reserve, Sydney-based photographer Duckie uncovers the strength in a woman’s fragility. Raw with emotion, she finds a quiet confidence in self-expression. Illuminated only by natural light, she moves at her own pace, guided by her intuition. Free to stretch, explore and dance she finds solace amongst nature, stripped of pretention and expectation.

Photographer: Duckie Dong
Model: Patricija Zilinskaite
Hair and Make Up: Teneille Sorgiovanni

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Gadir Rajab – March 2016
Played out against the suburban coastal beauty of Clovelly, this photo story captures the insouciance of summer and youth. Shot on film by Sydney-based photographer Gadir, the girl’s spontaneous movement and the allure in her eyes capture her uninhibited spirit. She carries her playful, pared-back style with ease and self-assurance and she moves effortlessly, only stopping to find herself in the moment.

Photographer: Gadir Rajab
Model: Lilly Cobon
Hair and Make Up: Samantha Patrikopoulos

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